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Landlord Winter Tips

12 May 2014 Richmond 0 Comment

Keep the cold at bay


Tenants expect to be comfortable through the winter months without worrying about damage, leaks or cold. Here are a few tips from our Professionals’ Property Managers to keep your tenants and your property, warm and cosy.


Fireplace/Gas heaters/Split systems

If your property has a wood fire, have the chimney inspected annually to be sure it’s clear of birds nests and soot. Gas heaters can be lethal if they are faulty and we recommend having these, and split or reverse-cycle airconditioning systems serviced annually by qualified tradesmen.


Roof and gutters

Gutter-guard is your friend! (And your tenant’s friend). The last thing you want is to find your frustrated tenant on the roof trying to clear a blocked gutter in the middle of those first autumn downpours – especially if he or she has an accident and hurts themselves, or damages your house. Have a handyman clean your rental property gutters, and let your tenant know this is being done – it will give you and your tenant peace of mind.


Wet areas

Because windows get shut for most of the winter, fresh air doesn’t circulate through your house. Check for mould in trouble spots, such as bathroom ceilings and if it’s a problem get advice and treat the cause of the mould (don’t just spray/clean the mould because it will almost certainly return).


Utility bills

Remember that your tenants won’t appreciate higher electricity bills due to faulty or inefficient appliances. If your rental property could do with a more modern heater (including wood heaters), do the right thing and upgrade. Your tenant will thank you for it!


Finally, at this time of year it’s worth a polite annual reminder to tenants about the importance of checking electric blankets for wear and tear; not leaving wet towels or clothes ‘drying’ too close to a radiator (or at night when the household goes to bed), and certainly no smoking indoors.

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