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Inspiration for that Spare Room

30 Mar 2015 Richmond 0 Comment

Having extra space is something most people don’t complain about but it can have its downside. It is great to have all those extra bedrooms for when company arrives for a sleep over, or you want to have someone stay with you for a period of time. More often than not these rooms remain empty yet they still require heating, and cleaning. For those with a big home it doesn’t make sense to have unused space.

There are some great solutions for this and with a little thought and planning these spare bedrooms can be turned into some wonderful getaways, without having to leave your home.

First you need to determine what appeals to you and your family by way of entertainment and hobbies. Do some of you like to practice yoga? Perhaps you are a wine enthusiast. Maybe there are some real literature buffs in your household. These are all beginner ideas of what you can do with this free and available space.

Quiet room:

Having a room that one can go to, that is quiet and serene is a wonderful addition to the home. It allows one to get away and think clearly. It can be away from the hub of the house, yet it means not having to go away from your home to enjoy a few hours or even moments of quiet time. Just listening to serene music, or practicing some yoga or other forms of meditation can turn the room into a valuable resource. The décor of the room will add to the ambience. Dark rich colours often have a calming effect.

A wine room:

It doesn’t have to be a wine cellar, any spare room in your home can be turned into the ideal spot to store and showcase your wine selection.

A family work-out room:

With the compactness of exercise equipment available today, it gives a lot of flexibility of the size of the room it can used in. Turning one of your spare rooms into a mini-gym is going to bring a lot of health benefits. Most likely you will want to buy some new equipment so take the time to check out some of the compact multi use gym equipment so you can really put your exercise endeavours to full use.

Your own private library:

Books usually end up getting scattered all about the home. Then when you decide you are ready to curl up and read one, you first have to find it. Having a room designated as your private library will not only help keep your books in one space and organised, but it can also become the reading room. A cozy atmosphere and good lighting will set the mood for reading.


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