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Technology Entering a Home Near You!

16 Mar 2015 Richmond 0 Comment

In this modern day and age, smart appliances and home gadgets are slowly becoming a trend. Apart from making homes more efficient, they are also more cost-effective as their conventional counterpart.

Smart home technologies are on the verge of going mainstream. At this point, you can say that they already are. While this may sound like you need to be rich to be able to afford these devices, these gadgets are actually being distributed for DIY installation rather than the custom-fits, which could really be expensive.

There is now the availability of low-cost DIY products that challenge the custom made ones, democratizing home technology.

Below are some of the smart home gadgets you could have for your own:

Belkin’s WeMo Switch Insight

This gadget is intended to track your energy consumption at home, monitoring and measuring your everyday use. This is a concern for many homes more especially during hot summer days. Coupled with the app, it helps you implement an energy-saving plan, including triggering the power through motion detection or at preset times.

Nest Learning Thermostat

While there is no word yet as to when this is supposed to be released in Australia, many people are already excited about this gadget. The Nest can be programmed to know what temperature you like at home, and turn it down when you are out. You can control the Nest from anywhere with wifi, letting you see how much energy is consumed.

Whilst Nest hasn’t officially launched in Australia, there are some great home-grown alternatives to Nest.

Samsung Dual View TV

With this TV, you never have to compete with anybody’s sports at home again. This smart TV allows two viewers to watch different shows simultaneously, with the use of inbuilt speakers and special glasses. This 55-inch OLED TV is set to be a blessing for busy households, even dubbed as a “marriage saver”.

Integration Tools

Integration tools such as Apple’s HomeKit developer and LG’s HomeChat bridges the gap between multiple appliances together. HomeKit allows users to control smart home gadgets through iPad or iPhone, while HomeChat communicates everything from friges to home audio using only SMS.

Internet Fridge

Want to know what’s inside your fridge before you open the door? You can with the Internet fridge. Equipped with internal cameras, this appliance could come in handy when you go shopping. Its touchscreen panels also suggest recipes and meal options based on what you have in the fridge—smart and very useful.

DING! New message from fridge: “Pickup milk on the way home, we’re out“.


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