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Smart Storage Ideas for Small Living

8 Apr 2015 Richmond 0 Comment

Do you feel like you can’t stand the small cupboard in your rental apartment? If you happen to live in a rental apartment at the moment and you have a lack of storage space, it’s time to turn your creativity on and provide some extra storage for your belongings.

A Stack of Matching Boxes
Just a simple stack matching boxes placed on the corner of your room can be a very stylish, modern and elegant solution to any storage problem. Feel free to use cardboard, plastic, metal or wicker – any material that you like and that is the most suitable for your budget. And remember that even the simplest, cheapest cardboard file boxes can look stunning stacked haphazardly in the office or the bedroom corner.

Freestanding Wardrobe
If you feel like you are not going to have your own apartment in the nearest future, we recommend you to buy a freestanding wardrobe. You will finally have a place to hang your clothes!

Open Pantry
Your kitchen has no pantry? There’s no need to worry! Your bookshelf will turn to be a great alternative! All the dry cooking supplies can be kept in the jars, while the whole bunch of cups and plates will make a perfect home scene.

Tubes & Buckets
These items will be especially useful if you have little kids for the reason that you can easily keep clothing, store toys, beauty products, towels, sports and bedding equipment, cleaning products and many more things in them. In case you buy tubs with lids, you can simply stack them in the designated area.

Hooks – the Must Have for the Apartment!
Semi-permanent hooks – this is what you must provide for your apartment with scarce storage. The best option is the over-the-door hooks since they are not secured with an adhesive and you have an opportunity to hang dressing gowns, coats and also storage organizers from them.

As an alternative, you can also use removable adhesive hooks. They can be easily stuck anywhere you wish. All you should do is to make certain you have properly tested them on the walls of your apartment in order to know they are perfectly removable.

Stacking metal, plastic or wooden boxes on their sides is a perfect opportunity to make a shelf for a short period of time. It is recommended to get boxes with lids in case you have to move often. Thus, you will have to just pop the lid on and then – move all your stuff without the necessity to pack anything.

Use Trays!
These items will help you to most reasonably use any additional space that you have in the apartment. If you are lucky enough to a big plastic tray on the wheels – you have an amazing chance to provide yourself with an amazing under-the-bed storage. At the same time, the smaller tray will be useful for those who need to organize small surface areas (desks, dressing tables, etc.)

Coat Racks
While taking just a little room in your apartment or house, sleek modern coat racks will provide you with enough space where you can keep your sports bags, handbags, coats, scarves so they do not pile up on the limited space of the floor.

Books Loaded Up Into Shelves
Make certain to purchase some cheap planks of wood from a local hardware store and then use the piles of your books in order to build up a real shelf. What is more, it is also a great opportunity to save space, for the reason that you are using an item that should be stored in order to actually store some other items. If you have a huge library – this option is what you need!

Trunks & chests
Chests and trunks are an exceptional option for storing extra bedding, and in case you buy the one that is equipped with a flat top, it can also double as a comfy coffee table. This excellent storage solution for the individuals, who have to move more often than not – all you have to do is to choose the trunk and then leave. Voila! No need to pack!


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