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Bathrooms Renovations on a Budget

18 May 2015 Richmond 0 Comment

It can be very expensive to renovate your bathroom.  An average cost could run anywhere from $6,000 and all the way up to $20,000.  However, it’s not the way it has to be… there are plenty of ideas that will help you even when your budget is on the smaller side.


While it can be costly to re-tile, you can instead change the look completely by re-spraying the tiles.  Use a single color, like white ceramic paint, it’s a lot less money and it can look flawless.  White is a great choice, because just about any other colour you want to add to the bathroom will go with it.  Plus the fact that the new paint on your tile will make them look brand new, this is a fabulous option to save a ton of money on the renovation cost of your bathroom.

New Tub at a lot Less Cost

While a new bathtub that is quality can cost at least $600 not including the cost of installation, why not save a bit of money.  Instead have the old tub resurfaced?  It will be a brand new look, and a lot less money out of your pocket.  The look of a new tub, even though it’s not really new, can really add an extra bit of life to your old bathroom.

Add bling to your bathroom

The jewellery of this room are the showerheads, taps, and handles.  So why not get a brand new everything!  New chrome can make the room that was once dreary, look brand new and sparkle.  Even if you want to get a bit fancier on the style of your handles and taps, they are usually reasonably priced.  The fact that this one addition can change the look of your bathroom so much is amazing.

Add in accessories

Why not add in something simple for accessories, and they won’t cost you a lot of money either.  Candles, towels with more colour to them, and even a nice mirror.  You can find some amazing things by heading out to a thrift store, and it will cost you a lot less money.  Keep the colour theme as one choice, and it will help you spot some fabulous bargains while shopping.  A thrift shop visit could up costing you a lot less, and even allow you a bit of extra money saved in the long run.

Do it yourself!

The best thing about renovating the bathroom is that there are several steps you’ll be able to accomplish on your own.  The more you do on your own, the less money that renovation can cost you.  After all the cost that will run up any renovation is that of hiring labourers to do the work.  Instead make this a project that you tackle on your own.  Plus the fact that you’ve done the room by yourself will add a bit of extra pride when you show off the new bathroom to your friends and family!  Save the money and do as much of the steps you can on your own.


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