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Improving your Home’s Sustainability and Green Power

22 May 2015 Richmond 0 Comment

With the changing climate conditions, infrastructure, business establishments and even homes are being called to engage in sustainable renovations.

This proves to be a smart move not just for the good of the environment; but for your finances as well. Homeowners and renters alike go for sustainable features at home to reduce electricity, gas and water expenses.

While home renovations would usually involve decision-making for the here and now, considering renovations with the introduction of sustainable features may bring about long-term benefits. This includes enhancement of the property’s resale value, improvement in its comfort features while reducing bills, among many others.

You can improve your home’s green factor and introduce sustainability features through the following:

  1. Go Green
    Your home’s insulation features are crucial to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. Consider choosing insulation that is made from recycled materials.
  2. Let the Light In
    Renovating your walls and making room for more windows allow for natural lighting. Relying on natural lighting can significantly reduce your electric bills; while giving your home a beautifying touch. You can also install skylights; or cut back trees or shrubs that block natural lighting to your windows.
  3. Maximize Windows of Opportunity
    Keeping a comfortable temperature at your house may be achieved with the right window glass. Depending on your property and location, there are several window and glass options for you. A rule of thumb though is to double glaze the rooms most frequently used and install curtains, blinds or shades on the rest.
  4. Efficient Use of Water
    You can make every drop count by installing star rated showers, taps, and toilets. Installing flow restrictors or rainwater tanks could also save you a lot of water in the long haul.
    Planting native plants is also the better option when landscaping as it does not require as much watering, being adaptive to the local climate.
  5. Trust the Ratings
    Go for the appliances with the higher energy rating – the more stars, the better.

Committing to sustainable and energy-efficient renovations may increase the cost of your renovations, however the long-term savings will quickly pay for your green renovations.

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