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How to Ensure Long Term Tenants in your Rental Property

25 Mar 2015 Richmond 0 Comment

Your rental property is a business and as such you want to attract clients to it, which in your case is prospective tenants. As with any business you need to know what your clients want. In order to make your rental business profitable you want to be in a position to be able to charge the maximum rent possible. You also don’t want high tenant turn over. Price is always an issue with tenants but they also look for other amenities that are important to them

Heating and Cooling

Comfortable heating and air conditioning is important. While as a landlord you have to be compliant with heating regulations you do not have to provide air-conditioning. It certainly can be included as an extra perk when advertising your rental property and just might beat out your competitors. Tenants really don’t mind paying extra for this extra comfort.

Up to date bathroom and kitchen

These are the two most important rooms in any accommodation. Therefore there is always high expectations placed on them and they are the most scrutinized by prospective renters. These are no doubt the two rooms that demanded most of your attention during your buying phase of the property. If it is needed a small update to both of these rooms can make a big difference when promoting the property for rent. These rooms are not only judged on their modernization but their functionality.

Space for storage

Having storage space is a big plus with tenants, just having a built in storage room or even a garden shed can make the rental property more appealing. Additional conveniences like remote controlled garages, or private parking facilities are another big renting feature.

Neat and clean

Tenants want to live in a clean environment that includes the common areas of the rental dwelling. This includes the exterior like an up-kept landscape. They will shy away from residences that have peeling paint or stained carpets.

The allowance for pets

While many landlords simply will not allow pets, those that do usually find they get a lot more calls about their rental property. A lot of people simply will not rent if their family pet cannot be part of their family.

Keeping up with repairs and maintenance

Getting good tenants is one thing and keeping them is another. They will soon become disgruntled if the repairs and maintenance needs are not met. Complaints in this department have to be addressed quickly and efficiently. Even small repairs cannot be left unattended to. Doing so will cause your tenants to start looking for some other place to move to.

The best location

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying, selling or renting, the right location is paramount. It has to be a good neighborhood that is close to all the amenities. Schools, shopping and transportation are on the top of the list for potential renters.

The perks

Just a few additions like laundry facilities or access to the backyard is a big plus. Ceiling fans and good security features are well received. Extra conveniences like internet, and satellite TV are important to many renters. Also cost efficiency in regards to the utilities they are responsible for can be a great renting feature.

If you need any advice on how to improve your rental property to keep your tenants happy for a long term stay, then please do not hesitate to contact our office on 8352 3444 to discuss with our property management team.

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